Using Python in a Corporate Environment (aka Mordor)

These tricks will save you some sleep and hair.

Python Telegram Aws Lambda Boilerplate

Boilerplate for a quick start with Telegram and AWS Lambda

AWSCodePipeline Build Monitor

Quick and dirty way to get something better looking than the default!

My Python Dev Setup

What they didnt tell you when working with macOS Python and AWS

Python BootCamp

Updated 30 June 2017

1. Installation

Installing OSX

Open Terminal

# install python
brew update
brew install python3
# install and upgrade some essential packages
pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools pipenv
# optionally install some handy development tools
pip3 install flake8 autopep8 ipython cookiecutter

# data tools!
pip3 install jupyter pandas

Singapore Telegram Bot @ShiokBot

A little something I am building as a fun side project. Get the latest weather/psi/traffic data at your fingertips with the smart and easy to use Singapore Telegram Bot @ShiokBot.

Getting Started With Python on Windows (Admin Permissions Not Needed)

The Python language is relatively easy to learn. What i found hard was getting it installed on Windows, especially when using it in the workplace.

However, there is a way to get it on windows without admin permissions :)