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Python BootCamp

Python BootCamp Updated 30 June 2017 1. Installation Installing OSX Open Terminal # install python brew update brew install python3 # install and upgrade some essential packages pip install --upgrade pip setuptools pipenv # optionally install some handy development tools pip install flake8 autopep8 ipython cookiecutter # data tools! pip3 install jupyter pandas Installing »

Singapore Telegram Bot @ShiokBot

A little something I am building as a fun side project. Get the latest weather/psi/traffic data at your fingertips with the smart and easy to use Singapore Telegram Bot @ShiokBot. How to add Start a new message and search for ShiokBot Start chatting! Internals Using the awesome Telegram »

Getting Started With Python on Windows (Admin Permissions Not Needed)

The Python language is relatively easy to learn. What i found hard was getting it installed on Windows, especially when using it in the workplace. However, there is a way to get it on windows without admin permissions :) Firstly get the portable version of python. If »