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Home Automation - Getting Started

published: May 16, 2023


There are a few options to choose from when doing your home automation setup.

Go with some vendor

This in my opinion is not the way to go.



DIY (Choose a System)

Now the question is what system? There is homekit (apple), phillips, smart-things (samsung). Could we have them all? Yes if you use this open source hub - home assistant (https://www.home-assistant.io/)



If you are lazy to do it yourself then get a vendor but that might not save you from future headaches like upgrades. After all, the space moves fast and device upgrades will break your system be it from a vendor or home assistant. Getting a vendor to fix issues well, I think we know it rarely goes smoothly. The open-source community is fast and the issue will be fixed within a month or so for specific devices not working.

My system of choice is Home Assistant and this website will mostly cover this