AWSCodePipeline Build Monitor

Quick and dirty way to get something better looking than the default!


Feature Support

  • No Other AWS Code Pipeline BuildMonitor that i know of
  • Support Multiple or Single AWS Code Pipelines
  • Support Multiple or Single Build Steps
  • Progress Bar for each Build Step
  • BootStrap 4 + FontAwesome Goodness!

Local Installation

Clone this Repo

git clone

pipenv install

Config AWS Credentials

Intall AWS CLI on computer


aws configure

Ensure that credentials have sufficient permissions, namely “get_pipeline_state” for the resource in question.

Edit enviroment.ini

Edit the enviroment.ini.sample and save file as enviroment.ini

projectname = The Name of Your Project
pipelinename = Name of your Piplines Seperated by Commas
refresh = Number of seconds to wait before a force a forced refresh of the monitor


pipenv shell flask run

Dev Notes

init pipenv

pipenv --python 3.6

activiting virtualenv

pipenv shell flask run

Run Tests

python -m unittest
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