Setting up the Yeelight E27 Smart Light in Singapore

I came across this bulb on 23SGD including shipping. Smart light that seems to do everything other more expensive rivals do and more!

I decided to give it a go.

Packaging wise is kinda standard, not too flashy or bulky. Setup was easy.

Download the Yeelight app on your phone, NOT the MI home app

  • Go to the settings in your app and change your locale to Singapore. (Do this if you want IFTTT to work)
  • You first screw on the light bulb into your lamp and turn it on.
  • Open the app on your phone and add a new blub
  • Once found they will ask for your wifi password
  • Connect to the wifi created by the light bulb
  • Set up will then finish

The good news is that IFTTT works perfectly with Yeelight, the response time is also fast. The app natively supports gradual wake up (15mins) once you set up the schedule.

I am using a couple of IFTTT recipies that allow some more cool functions. Will add more in time to come

other recipies can be found here

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