Getting Started With Python on Windows (Admin Permissions Not Needed)

The Python language is relatively easy to learn. What i found hard was getting it installed on Windows, especially when using it in the workplace.

However, there is a way to get it on windows without admin permissions :)

Firstly get the portable version of python. If you are not sure what to use, downloading the latest v3x is a good choice.

Comes installed with most of the libraries that are important for data analysis, financial analysis, web building and math. The website has information on what libraries it has installed.

Once installed there a few things you must know.

Within the folder.

Jupyter Notebook.exe

To start the iPython notebook. Great visual way to start learning. Great IDE, this is where you can start writing code! Will have a starter tutorial soon on this.

WinPython Control Panel.exe

An easy way to install packages without messing around with the cmd line. Download new libraries and drag and drop the zip file into the software.

WinPython Command Prompt.exe

Raw cmd prompt, for more advanced users. PIP can be used here.

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