It's no secret that the content in Singapore is quite limited. Going from a US account to Singapore account in June because of the great Netflix DNS/VPN block made me realise this.

According to this website
Singapore has 10.21% the content of a US account.

Currently, there are very few unblocking services that actually work. Even fewer DNS spoofing services work. DNS is preferred to VPN as it is faster.


GetFlix is one such service. The pricing is pretty standard and their longer term subscriptions are a good deal.

They do experience problems with Netflix from time to time but their twitter account is updated often during outages and if you scroll down the history it doesn't happen too often and it returns within a day.
*Note that there hasn't been any downtime for the last 4 months

Setting up is not the most straightforward process.

Switch to the DNS setting

Setup some static routes